Articles in Magazines and Newsletters


Honolulu Magazine

“Hawaiians See a Place as a Work of Art.”  Honolulu, December 1977, 32 ff., 36.  Assigned title; on site selection of Kūʻīlioloa Heiau, Kāneʻīlio Point, Waiʻanae.

“Creators of Hawaiian Art: Two Books, Two Views.”  Review of Artists of Hawaii II, by Francis Haar and Murray Turnbull, and The Art and Writing of Madge Tennent, by Arthur Tennent.  Honolulu, January 1978, 64 ff.

“How Cook’s Artists Viewed Hawaii.”  Honolulu, February 1978, 38–43, 52.

Unedited version.

“Photographers of Old Hawaii as Seen Through Recent Books.”  Review.  Honolulu, March 1978, 28 ff.

“A Honolulu Street Scene.”  Review of mural complex by Juliette May Fraser, David Asherman, Mataumu Toelupe Alisa, and others titled Downtown Honolulu—1876Honolulu, April 1978, 33 ff.

“Tony Smith in Hawaii.”  Honolulu, May 1978, 31–34.

“Haleiwa T-Shirts as a Work of Art.”  Honolulu, June 1978, 34 f.

“Rocky Jensen’s Great Search.”  Honolulu, July 1978, 34 f.

“A Rare Exhibition of Torii Masters.”  Honolulu, August 1978, 32, 34.  Review of exhibition at Honolulu Academy of Arts.

“New Photo Books Impressive.”  Review.  Honolulu, September 1978, 32, 34, 36.

“The Art of Good Seeing.”  Honolulu, October 1978, 36 f.  On collecting art.

“Oh, Molokaʻi.”  With photographs by Philip E. Spalding III.  Honolulu, November 1978, 116–124.

“The Artist in the Community.”  Review of murals done through the Mayor’s Office of Culture and the Arts, “Works of Art in Public Places,” program.  Honolulu, December 1978, 40, 42, 47.

“Visual Images of Historic Hawaii.”  Review of Hawaii: A Pictorial History, by Joseph Feher, and The Saga of the Sandwich Islands, by Edward B. Scott.  Honolulu, January 1979, 38–41.

“Architecture of Iolani Palace.”  Honolulu, February 1979, 27 f., 30 f.

“The Statue of Kamehameha I.”  Honolulu, March 1979, 35, 37–40.

Addenda: “The Statue of Kamehameha I.”

“The Buddhist Works of Isami Doi.”  Honolulu, April 1979, 34 ff.

“State Art Collection a Visual Treat.”  Honolulu, May 1979, 40, 42.

“Contest Reflections.”  Honolulu, June 1979, 63, 76, 78 f.  On 1979 Honolulu Photo Contest Winners.

“Architect of Inside-Outside Living.”  Honolulu, July 1979, 42 ff.  On C. W. Dickey’s Halekūlani Hotel and Waikīkī Theater.

“Art of the Tea Ceremony.”  Review of exhibition at Honolulu Academy of Arts.  Honolulu, August 1979, 40, 42.

“The Shaman, the Blacksmith and the Rider: Toward an Understanding of Korean Art.”  Review of 5000 Years of Korean Art exhibition, May 1–September 30, 1979, Asian Art Museum of San Francisco.  Honolulu, September 1979, 58–68, 114–118. 

“A Reliable Recorder of Japanese Culture.”  Review of exhibition, Theodore Wores, The Japanese Years, Bishop Museum, Honolulu.  Honolulu, October 1979, 37 f.

“The Hula in Hawaiian Life and Thought.”  Honolulu, November 1979, 49–56.

“The Death and Burial of Jean Charlot, February 12, 1898–March 20, 1979.”  Honolulu, December 1979, 78–82, 84, 87.

“Geometry and Life in Samoan Art.”  Honolulu, January 1980, 91 f.  Reprinted from Samoa News.

“A New Major Collection for the Academy.”  Review of The Art of Shibata Zeshin, by Howard Link.  Honolulu, February 1980, 103 f.

“The Challenge of Oceanic Art.”  Review of Exploring the Visual Art of Oceania, edited by Sidney M. Mead, and Cook Voyage Artifacts in Leningrad, Berne, and Florence Museums, edited by Adrienne Kaeppler.  Honolulu, March 1980, 128, 130.

“Aloha Aina—Love of the Land.”  Abridged version of article published in Aloha ʻAinaHonolulu, April 1980, 38, 40 ff.

“Continuity and Cultural Identity.”  Honolulu, May 1980, 40, 43.  On the preservation of historic sites and monuments.

Errata and Addenda: Honolulu Magazine.

Other Magazines

“Listening to the Hawaiian Voice.”  Review of News From Molokai, Letters Between Peter Kaeo and Queen Emma, 1873–1876, by Alfons Korn.  Hawaii Observer, June 2, 1977, 31.

“The Hawaiian Concept of Aloha ʻAina and its Importance for Public Policy.”  Aloha ʻAina, February–March 1979, 5 ff.  Newsletter published by the Protect Kahoʻolawe Fund, Molokaʻi.

Errata: “The Hawaiian Concept of Aloha ʻAina.”

“Ancient Crafts, Modern Craftsmen, Hawaii’s Ever-Renewing Arts Attract New Interest, New Artists.”  Diversion, February 1980, 158 ff., 209, 212, 214.

Unedited version.

“Bishop Museum Publishes Hula ‘Perspectives’.”  Review of Hula, Historical Perspectives, by Dorothy B. Barrère, et al.  Haʻilono Mele, February 1980, 11 f.

“Another View of Merrie Monarch.”  Review of annual hula contest.  Haʻilono Mele, June 1980, 7 f.

“Ein Tanz wird zurückerobert.”  GEO Special (Hawaii), August 15, 1984, 128 f.  On hula; edited and translated from the original English version written for translation into German.

“The Gods of Hawaii.”  Diversion, October 1986, 210, 212, 214, 216.  Heavily edited; published under pseudonym Hans Karl.

“The Gods of Hawaiʻi.”  1986.  Unedited version.  Previously unpublished.

“Hawaiian Traditions of Waiahole and Waikane Valleys.”  Makaʻala, July 1990, 3 (unnumbered).

“Early Traditions of Waiāhole and Waikāne Valleys.”  Ka Wai Ola O Oha, October, 1990, 12 f.

“Kamapuaʻa and the Wai-Lands.”  Makaʻala, October 1990, 4.

“Native American Religions.”  In Native American Cultures: Before and After Columbus, edited by Yvonne Singer.  Summer Session, University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa, 1992: 4, 20.